August 25th, 2020

Welcome to the soft launch of FIRE FRONTPAGE!!!! Really excited to have you here! I’m hoping to make searching for FIRE and financial news a little bit easier! Combing through everything so you don’t have to! Only interesting links, I swear!!!

Millenial Revolution asks if everyone should be considering FIRE. In my opinion, you can’t even get some people’s brains to consider retiring early. They can’t even fathom the concept.

Mr. Money Mustache asks if investing in better industries and companies also makes you more money. I’ve been personally looking to try to invest more in solar over traditional oil and gas companies.

The Mad Fientist reflects on four years of FIRE. Color me jealous.

Are we in a 2020 stock bubble….errrr….probably. Graham Stephen goes through how to invest during it. (Video)

I constantly go back and forth wanting to invest in companies like Fundrise so I always find these helpful. (Video)

Financial Samurai is being controversial as usual in saying the 4% SWR is outdated based on current bond markets.

Unemployed Americans are still struggling to get additional aid from Congress.

If you live in areas affected by hurricanes and other storms, you may want to see what your insurance actually covers and plan accordingly.

It’s definitely a weird time for stocks. FAANG, Microsoft, and Tesla are covering up other stocks still underperforming by 30% or more, and YES some of these stocks are from the tech sector.

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